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life untwisted

June 21, 2012

When I read Calah’s first post at her blog Barefoot and Pregnant‘s new home, it reminded me of me many years ago.  Oh how I could relate to her malady of twisted panties over a little jest toward the Church!  She writes,

I did not find the video funny at all. In fact, I got my panties in such a twist that I posted my very first comment ever in a comment box. I was “deeply offended” and even “betrayed.” Then, feeling like I hadn’t expressed my displeasure quite clearly enough, I emailed The Anchoress personally and proceeded to give her a lecture on how people had died for the Mass and the right to celebrate it, and she ought to know better than to take that lightly.

The Anchoress, patient and long-suffering as she is, sent me back a detailed email explaining why she thought the parody was funny, why we ought to have a sense of humor, and sharing some concerns she had about our culture as a whole with its easily offended mentality, all while being extremely gracious and charitable.

Read the rest of Calah’s great revelation and to see what caused such a reaction.

I used to be so incredibly sensitive about my beloved Church, and I took everything seriously.  I felt as though I needed to be protective of the Church to balance those around me who were rather flippant about things.  My environment at the time was not the most nurturing for untwisting one’s panties.  Immature acquaintances would bait me to purposefully get a rise out of me.  I was always on edge.  I would try rise above and not stoop to their level, but those ignorant souls needed educating and I seemed to be the only one willing shove the truth down their throats.  I had to hold a strong position on everything Catholic, including the “crazy, silly, and even downright ridiculous elements” of the Church, as Calah describes them.  I couldn’t show one sign of weakness or contradiction, otherwise they would have dismissed me completely.  Sigh… With the obvious lack of love and good nature, there was little hope for untwisting anything!

But like Calah, I eventually had a revelation.  I had moved to another environment full of love, kindness, and good humor.  I encountered imperfect people striving for sainthood; people able to tease the Church which they loved.  I began to relax.  I no longer needed to protect the Church.  I was able to find humor in myself and in my Catholic faith.  And let me just say that life is so much more fun when nothing is twisted!*

Thanks for the reminder, Calah!  And congrats on your new home at Patheos!

*That being said, this revelation in no way concedes my positions in any of those past debates.  Truth is what Truth is.

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  1. June 21, 2012 3:55 pm

    How true. Mother Church is perfect; her children are not and we can’t take ourselves too seriously.

  2. June 21, 2012 3:57 pm

    Isn’t that the truth!!! lol! I’m so glad I learned that lesson before I was too far gone. :)

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