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adventures of c&k: the cousin adventures

June 22, 2012

So last weekend was the infamous Cousin Adventures: Three Branches, Same Tree Edition.  And can I just say, we had a FREAKIN’ blast?!  Cause we did.

What did we do on our adventures, you ask?  Well, we curled up on the couch with popcorn on Friday night to watch Tangled.  We slept in on Saturday morning.  I started making breakfast when I finally woke up around 8:30/9-ish (yes, that’s sleeping in for me!).  Kylie woke up around the same time so I treated her to Saturday Morning Cartoons – Cecilia Style, which means Muppet Treasure Island.  That movie cracks me up and Kylie, who had never seen it before, really enjoyed the Muppet’s rendition of the classic tale.

Are you wondering where Karl fits into all of this?  Well, he arrived after breakfast and we were ready to head to the city for our big adventure: a boat tour around lower Manhattan!  We moseyed around the pier for a while and treated ourselves to Haagen Dazs shakes before boarding the boat.  Tempted though I was, I did not break out into song as the boat pulled away from the dock, but it was rather difficult with songs from Muppet Treasure Island fresh in my head… Like this one:

Lindze and Kylie ran back and forth to either side of the boat to see the landmarks mentioned by the tour guide, including his “absolute favorite building in New York”  of which he had about seven.  Karl was the anchor point, staying inside the cabin to protect his injured back from the choppy waters.  I wandered between the girls and Karl, making sure everyone was happy, comfortable, safe, and doused in sunscreen.

The tour only lasted an hour, but that was long enough to nudge our appetites from hungry to ravenous.  So it was off to a late lunch/early dinner on the pier.  We finished eating with just enough time to fast before Saturday evening Mass at Our Lady of Victory, a beautiful church in the Financial District.  After Mass, the four of us explored the surrounding area with Karl as our guide, and just before we all collapsed, we jumped in a cab (a first for both Lindze and Kylie) to head back to Times Square and then home!

We were all exhausted by the end of our adventure (Kylie, I promise our next Cousin Adventure won’t be so tiring!), but it was worth it – all that family bonding!

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