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cec in the city – episode 12

July 6, 2012

There is a lot of walking to be done in the Big Apple, which takes a bit of a toll on one’s shoes.  I knew the heels were wearing down on my favorite pair of peep-toes.  But when I left the office at lunch today, something else felt amiss.  I pulled over to the edge of the sidewalk and quickly gave my shoes the once over.  The bottom of the heel was completely missing on my left shoe!  NOOOOOO!!!!!  I wasn’t far from the building so I doubled-back.  I found the missing piece of my shoe just inside the door of the office building.  I snatched it up, stuck it in my purse, and sighed.

I had several errands to run during lunch.  I should have enough time to stop at the drug store, I told myself as I recalculated how much time each errand would take.  My favorite shoes were at stake!  (Ha!  Check out them rhyming skills!)  I wasn’t going to take this lying down!  Nope!  I was going to fix it!

I completed my errands within the time allotted for my lunch break, all the while trying not to put too much weight on my left heel.  Finally settled at my desk, I got to work with the just purchased super glue, the offending shoe, and its stray part.  Reader, I fixed it.  My shoe, once broken, has been made whole, to my great relief!  Mind you, I realize that this isn’t going to last, but the temporary fix should hold me through at least the weekend.  And then I’ll take them to a professional for a more permanent fix.

One thing is certain: I love this city, but I’ll not let it’s streets get the better of me or my shoes, blast it!


The surgeon and her patient.


The triumphant shoes and their sticky hero!

Cute, aren’t they?  Told you these shoes were worth fixing!


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  1. July 6, 2012 7:25 pm

    Um, yes. Cute for sure. Next time I need new shoes, I’m enlisting your help!


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