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adventures of c & k: sunny-screened days

July 10, 2012

Saturday was hot and an ideal day to indulge in air-conditioned spaces, but Karl and I had made plans to go to the beach.  We were determined to go, come hell or high water!  We braved the hellish temperatures and headed for high water, or at least cool water.  Off to the beach we went, to meet up with a couple of friends and bringing with us Kathleen and two of her friends.

We were rather surprised that the beach was as crowded as it was.  We had hoped more people would have opted for AC rather than sitting in the hot sun.  No matter… we managed to find a parking spot anyway.  It was several blocks from the beach and I honestly didn’t think Karl was going to be able to pull off maneuvering into the impossibly small space, but he did!  Actually, we did.  I had to jump out and guide him, telling him when to go a little further and when to STOP!, as he scooched the car back and forth ever-so-slightly into the only parking spot available.  I wish we had gotten a picture of our impressive parallel parking job, but we were on a mission to get to the beach.

We finally made it.  The sun was brutal!  The sand was scorching!  But the water was so incredibly refreshing!  (And that’s coming from someone who isn’t very fond of the ocean*.)  The girls laid out their towels and immediately headed to the water, only pausing long enough to hastily apply sunscreen.  Karl and I took our time getting settled.  We greeted our friends, set up camp, and meticulously covered ourselves in sunscreen.  Karl played a game or two of corn hole with Sarah, Mike, and Joe, while I attempted to read my book**.  After we were properly overheated from our activities, we finally made our way to the water.  (It’s not every day I can work up a sweat by sitting on a towel and reading a book, but it didn’t take much on Saturday!)  It was so hot out that we were pretty much dry by the time we made it back to our beach site!  Somehow under all those layers of sunscreen and even more layers of sweat, we had ourselves a grand ol’ time!

K & C with Kathleen and her friends


K & C with our friends Sarah and Mike


*What can I say?!  I grew up with glorious fresh water lakes.  Salt water freaks me out, especially when it gets in your mouth!  Gross!  I’m a Great Lakes Girl through-and-through!

**The bright, reflective sun made it very difficult to read my choice of light summer reading material, even though my idea of ‘light’ summer reading material is Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot.

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