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adventures of c & k: a whole lotta funny business

July 11, 2012

There was a whole lotta funny business going on when Karl was driving me home Sunday night.  The expressway was unusually crowded and cars were weaving in and out of the lanes trying to get around each other.  Toward the beginning of our drive, we were in the middle lane behind a slow-moving car, who was ever-so-slowly passing a car in the right lane, when Karl spied a guy coming up on our right, just as another car started to pass us on the left.

“Don’t be tryin’ no funny business,” Karl warned the approaching car in the right lane.  We both knew that Mr. Funny Business Toyota Camry wanted to pass us before getting boxed in by us, but his calculations were off.  Karl could see that Mr. F.B. didn’t have enough time or space to make his move, so he put himself on Red Alert just in case the other guy tried to cut us off.

That was only the beginning.  Drivers all along our route were pulling all kinds of funny business.  (One or two incidences are to be expected but this was constant!)  Some cars were zig-zagging this way and that, passing on the right, then left, then right again.  There was a lot of bobbing and weaving, trying to get ahead of the little packs that clogged the road.  There was one car that couldn’t make up his mind what lane he wanted to be in and drove straddling two lanes for a bit.  We were surrounded by funny business!

Karl and I were both exhausted from the weekend’s adventures, which could have made for a very tense drive especially with all the shenanigans going on.  Instead, we skipped the irritable stage of tiredness and were on the verge of the silly stage.  We were greatly amused by all the funny business, but mostly because Karl kept referring to the crazy driving as funny business.  It became his catch phrase of the night.  “Did you just see that funny business?” he would ask me.  “I saw that funny business!” he’d say to the other cars.  Or he would tell them, “I don’t want no funny business over here!”  “What’s with all the funny business on the road today?” he mused.

Yup.  It was an epic trip to Weehawken and back with all that funny business going on.  I think we need to get t-shirts that say “I survived a whole lotta funny business!”, since Karl survived the all the funny business on the road and I survived all the funny business in the car!




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