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demerits for grandpa

July 17, 2012

I called my grandpa today and gave him hell for not returning my call from two and a half weeks ago!  He didn’t even call to confirm that he received the belated (and rather cheeky) Father’s Day card I sent him, which was surprising because I also included photos of Charles’ ordination, which I was sure would result in a phone call.

“Well, I listened to the message, but then I deleted it…” Grandpa tried to explain.

“YOU DELETED ME??!!  Ohhhh…. I’m neglected and abused!” I moaned.  “And I thought for sure you would call to let me know that you received the card and photos!”

“I was going out of town…”

“Woe is me!  You forgot about me!” I continued, giving the old man a taste of his own medicine.

Grandpa laughed and said he’d give himself one demerit for not calling me back.

“Only one?!” I exclaimed.  “I think you should get five!”

“FIVE demerits?  Are you kidding?”

“Nope.  I’m worth five demerits aren’t I, Grandpa?”

I had the old man in a corner.  He didn’t want to get in any more trouble so he agreed to the five demerits, and then wisely moved the conversation along.  “So how’s Karl?”  (At least he didn’t ask if I had heard from my brother, the deacon, lately which is usually the first question he asks me.  It did come later in the conversation, but at least it was later…)  Hopefully the five demerits will remind Grandpa to return my calls in a more timely manner…

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