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adventures of c & k: sailing the seas

July 18, 2012

On Friday night, Karl surprised me with an evening excursion on a boat*, thanks to our friend Lindsey who organized the adventure for us and another friend.  I met up with the guys just outside Penn Station after work.  They jumped into the cab I had already procured and we headed down to Pier 40, where we met up with Joey making our party of 4 complete.


Karl and the guys


Lindsey gave us a tour of the Hornblower Infinity, which is an incredibly beautiful vessel.  He attended the boat’s launch and told us all sorts of interesting information he had learned which seemed to fascinate Karl and Joey.  I didn’t care much about the specs of the boat, but I did notice where the life preservers were located as we made our way through all four decks (Not that I’m paranoid or anything; I just like being prepared).


Watching the city float by


Karl and I spent the first half of the evening outside on the upper deck, watching the city float by.  Then we made our way back inside to meet up with Lindsey and Joey for some dinner.  After that, Karl and I tore up the dance floor.  And by tore up, I mean one of the staff members asked us if we take dance classes.  I answered honestly that we don’t take classes because we’ve never taken a dance class together.  But I guess we’re just that good!

It was a great surprise!  I loved it!  Thank you, Lindsey, for making it happen.  Thank you, Lindsey and Joey, for letting Karl and I enjoy a little one-on-one time.  And thank you Karl for a romantic evening.

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*Karl knows I’m not all that fond of surprises so he prepped me on Thursday by informing me that he had a surprise for me, giving me an idea of what to wear, and telling me we would be meeting up with a couple of friends.  I can handle surprises when they are presented like that.


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