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adventures of c & k: birthday festivities

August 1, 2012

Karl took charge of all the festivities surrounding my birthday weekend.  He consulted me on a few things but I didn’t plan a thing.  And let me just say, that wasn’t very easy for me…  I’m not used to someone else doing all the planning, but I survived.  Not only did I survive, I had a wonderful weekend, thanks to Karl’s thoughtfulness.

He surprised me with a romantic night out at a nice restaurant for a birthday dinner.



He invited a few friends and family members over for a small BBQ, which included bacon-wrapped hot dogs and sangria!


With half of the friends who came to celebrate


And Karl even let me prepare the vegetable tray since he knows how much I love creating veggie art!



Karl is so good to me!  I enjoyed every moment of my birthday weekend!!



Many thanks to those who helped Karl host and assisted him with planning and food prep.  A big thanks to those who were able to come.  (To those who were not able to make it, you were missed.)  I am grateful to everyone who filled my birthday with laughter and joy, especially Karl.

And my biggest surprise of the weekend: realizing how fun it can be when someone else does the planning!


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