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angelica unfiltered – episode 12

August 6, 2012

You’re in luck, Reader, because Angelica is coming to visit for ten whole days, which means there will be many opportunities for episodes of Angelica Unfiltered!  Here’s the first one:

Angelica, in all her crowning glory!

Grand Rapids, Michigan – June 2, 2012


Ang-ism: We’ve mentioned in previous episodes that we rarely get a straight answer from Angelica (see here and here).  Answers either come in the form of “Your momma’s a _____” or something about a circus, but even yes-or-no questions aren’t easy.  It has taken a while for us to learn to translate the multiple meanings for “Yeah sure, I guess so” (and its numerous variations), which could mean YES! or yes. or eh.. not really. or no thanks, depending on the inflections in her voice, pauses between each word, and the body language that goes with the phrase.  Today is a perfect example.

Angelica is traveling out to New Jersey today with Rosario and our cousin, Br. Paul.  I called Angelica’s phone to get a status update since Rosario’s phone is acting up.  But of course, I couldn’t get a straight answer from the woman.

Me: Ang!!! Where you at?!

Ang: I’m in a car…

Me: Well, where is the car?

Ang: I dunno!  Somewhere in Pennsylvania, I guess…

Me: Do you know where in Pennsylvania?

Ang (yelling in my ear): Guys!  She wants to know where we are!

Me: Or at least how much further you have to go…

Ang (still yelling): How much further do we have? (pause)  They said 137 miles.

Me: Is that 137 miles left of PA or total?

Ang: I dunno!

Me: Well, can you ask?

Ang (again, yelling in my ear): Guys! She wants to know if that’s 137 miles left of PA or total? (pause) Total.  They said total.

Me: Whew!  That’s a relief!  I would have cried for you if you still had 137 miles left in PA!

Ang: I would have cried for me too!

Me: So… Are you guys having fun so far?

Ang: I dunno, I guess so.  (yelling in my ear) Guys!  She wants to know if we’re having fun!  (pause) Yeah, I guess so…

I nearly fell over laughing at that last one, and I could hear Rosario and Br. Paul cracking up in the back ground.  That’s Ang for ya!  But her last answer wasn’t too hard to interpret.  There was an unmistakable lilt in her voice, as though she’s keeping a very special secret, that doubled my smile since I know there is a whole lot more of that in my immediate future!

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