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angelica unfiltered – episode 13

August 15, 2012

Angelica brings some style to Times Square

Manhattan, NY – August 13, 2012


Ang-ism: Angelica has done amazingly well in the over-stimulating streets of New York.  We’ve given her a couple of days at home last week and this week to decompress, which have helped all of us!  She’s been catching up on the final season of BBC’s Robin Hood, thanks to Netflix, during her time at home.  But it hasn’t been all that relaxing.  Rosario was home with Ang on Friday and could hear Angelica talking to the characters, exclaiming about certain situations, and expressing her concern quite emphatically.  “It was intense!” Ang said, defending her vocal outbursts.  “I couldn’t help it!”  Rosario and I thought it was pretty hilarious!

Last night, after watching a few episodes, Angelica declared she needed a break from Robin.  “This season is really intense.  I had to walk to the other room during one episode ’cause… ’cause I just couldn’t handle it!  And then I had to come back to see what was happening…  I had to do that several times.”

Several years ago, Rosario and I asked a friend who has worked in the autism field for years why Angelica enjoys action movies and shows when she gets over-stimulated so easily.  Sr. Mary Margaret suggested that it could be because the action and stimulants are contained onscreen and require no reaction or interaction from Angelica; she is protected from it.  In everyday life, there is no way to predict how those same stimulants will affect Angelica; if they will require an immediate decision or reaction or response from her.  That unknown is what is overwhelming for her.  Through the pixelated barrier, Ang enjoys exciting and intense action and, as seen (or heard) by her conversations with Robin and his gang, it can help draw her out.

Angelica only has four more episodes of the series left to watch, but they will have to wait.  After all, Ang can only handle so much intensity!

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Speaking of intense, I stumbled across this post over at God and the Machine yesterday about a young man who is being denied a heart transplant because he is autistic.  The comments show strong opinions on both sides of the issue.  The author, Thomas L. McDonald, pinpoints the main concern in responding to the comments: “The question is this: is a value judgement being place on the quality of life of disabled people that treats their disability as a negative factor? There is no question that the answer is “yes” in many cases. Sometimes the doctors are blatant about it, but more often they try to finesse the issue as they are doing here. ”  Please read the entire post, please pray for all involved, and please sign the family’s petition (link provided at original post).


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