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adventures of c&k: a momentary reflection

August 23, 2012

I heard my phone vibrate as it lay on the desk and looked over to see who could be calling in the middle of the day.  I smiled when I saw Karl’s name on the caller id.  I had just sent him a short email telling him that I had been thinking about him and figured he was responding with a phone call.

“Hey, babe!” he said cheerfully.  “I was just thinking about you and thought I’d give you a quick call.”

“So you read my email?”

“What email?  When did you send it?”

I laughed and told Karl what I said in the email.  “I sent it about five minutes ago.  And here I thought you were calling because I told you that I missed you something fierce!”

Karl was amazed.  “I didn’t see your email yet; I was just thinking about you and wanted to hear your voice.  Oh, hang on a second… Ha!  I just got your email, babe!  That’s too funny!”  We chatted for only a few minutes, but it was the highlight of my day.

It has been year since I first shared the whole apocalyptic truth, and I am amazed when I think of all the adventures that have taken place over the ensuing months.  But the events chronicled on this blog are only a small part of what makes us us.  Our lives are mostly comprised of the in-between moments, and those are spent dealing with the non-glamorous practical things of life – schedules, projects, work, finances, future, thoughts, ideas, musings, cares, concerns, necessities.  But those are the moments Karl and I cherish most.

Sometimes we are on the same page, in perfect sync with each other (ref. above example).  Other times may require a little (or a lot) more communication skills.  There are difficult decisions to make, scheduling conflicts to work out, opinions to debate, and misunderstandings to explain.  But our conversations, text messages and emails are usually full of encouragement, support, laughter, teasing, and an eye-roll or two.  They are of little consequence to anyone other than ourselves – honestly, who wants to hear about our conversations and emails regarding schedules or end-of-the-day phone calls, blah-blah-blah? – but they are important to us.

As fun and exciting as adventures are, it’s nice to stop and appreciate the in-between moments once in a while…


About the photo: From my most recent performance, which due to various circumstances (extreme temps, time of day, a changing tent that felt like an oven, etc.) led to dehydration and heat stroke, despite taking all the necessary precautions.  Karl took such good care of me, and I recovered in no time!  The photo was taken post-performance.  I was exhausted and over-heated but the symptoms hadn’t set in yet.

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  1. September 12, 2012 1:28 pm

    Cecilia, loved your “moment in time”. It is the small moments in one’s life that build the richness in one’s life. A treasure!


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