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four year favs

August 28, 2012

In honor of my blogiversary on Monday, I’ve decided to share four of my favorite posts from the past four years.


Living in a Monet

“I can’t see past the full extension of my arm without contacts,” I explained to my friend, Christopher, as we sat on a balcony in the Bronx discussing the need for corrective lenses among other things.

“Really? Wow!  That’s pretty bad.”

“I know, right?!  It’s kind of like living in a Monet.”  I said, trying to describe what the world looks like through my unaided eyes.  But the next day, I stood in front of Monet’s “The Path through the Irises” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I realized that while my description of what I see without my contacts was correct, my attitude toward it was flawed.  Continue reading to discover the revelation…


An Adoration Survival Story

I was deep in prayer, but still noticed a stirring behind me.  I thought perhaps Ang was done and ready to go.  When I looked back, I saw Rosario tip-toeing toward me.  She didn’t say anything; she looked a little panicky and waved to my back.  My ‘sister radar’ must have been off because I had no idea what she wanted.  Rose hesitated as she reached out and brushed my back.  She jumped back and pointed at the ground with her foot.  A spider.  Continue reading to find out if we survive…


More Than Just Distance

Race days are always exciting for the Schwartz family.  We usually have a couple of runners participating and the rest of us are on the sidelines supporting them with our cheers and clever signs.  I have attended many local races to encourage my mom and my sisters as they make their way to the finish line.

Race day for the Grand Rapids Marathon 2009 was a little different.  Only one runner from our family was participating: mom.  She wasn’t running the full marathon but she was going to conquer the half.  This was the longest race Mom has ever attempted.  That fact alone was thrilling, but this race wasn’t just about distance – it was about a mother’s love.  Continue reading for the reason and results…


Into The Deep

“Lent is an invitation to all of us to ‘put out into the deep’,” Sr. Sarah said on Ash Wednesday as we were discussing my Lenten resolutions.  I had mentioned the Sunday Gospel reading from a few weeks before that I found quite challenging.

I had been struck by Jesus’ words in Luke’s gospel which, though directed to Simon, seemed to be intended for me as well.  “Cast your nets to the other side and put out into the deep,” He said.  I could imagine Simon’s frustration after having spent all night doing exactly that with nothing to show for it.  As the Lord offered me the same opportunity to ‘put out into the deep’, I did not respond so well as Peter.  My first reaction was “Humph!  Are you kidding me?  What do you think I’ve been doing all this time?  I’m the one who knows the waters and there is nothing – I repeat – nothing there!”Continue reading for the rest of this life lesson…


Choosing four posts was harder than I thought!  Apparently I have more than just four favorites.  I’m not trying to be vain or anything; I just find myself extremely amusing.  That being said, here’s a special bonus fav in honor of college football starting this weekend:

Winning A Football Game Is As Easy As What???!!!

I didn’t have time to put on my Notre Dame jersey when I was running out the door last Saturday on my way to my parents’ house to watch the ND vs. MSU game.  I threw it in my bag and arrived right as the game was starting.  Of course, I was so focused on the game I forgot about wearing my jersey until the second quarter.

It was not a pretty game to watch.  There were incomplete passes, penalties, fumbles and interceptions on both sides.  Of course, there were plenty of incredible runs, tackle evasions, fabulous blocks and great fakes, too.  Angelica and I groaned and cheered accordingly.  Toward the beginning of the third quarter, after a poor series of plays by the Notre Dame defense, Angelica decided I was to blame.  Continue reading to find out why…


Let me know if you have any favorites!


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