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adventures of c&k: the football bug

September 11, 2012

Karl and I were both looking forward to this past Saturday, as it was the first one in weeks that didn’t have anything scheduled.  Leading up to the weekend, I kept reminding Karl that we had to keep it open.  Our weekends have been filled with good things, but we needed a break.  We needed to stay home for a change to rest… and to watch football.  At least, that was my plan.  While Karl supported my plan of no plans, he had plans of his own which were slightly different than mine.  His plans included mowing the lawn and finishing up a couple of things for work*.  That didn’t bother me because it wouldn’t interfere with me watching my boys, and it would still make for a quiet, low-key adventure.

Come Saturday, I did more than just watch my boys; I ended up taking care of my man too.  Poor Karl woke up with a sore throat.  I had gone into his room to wake him up when he told that he had somehow gotten sick overnight.  The stereotype of men being babies when they are sick does not apply to Karl.  He tries to push through no matter what.  If it hadn’t been raining, he would have tried to mow the lawn.  But it was raining, so I told him to stay in bed while I brought him some tea and medicine.

At first, Karl tried to object.  “Babe, I can’t be sick!  I have things I need to get done…  How am I going to sing Panis Angelicus tomorrow with a sore throat?”

“All the more reason to rest and take care of yourself today.”  I encouraged Karl to rest his voice.

“You’re right.  That’s a good idea,” he said and continued talking for a few more seconds before I interrupted.

“Babe?  Is this what you consider ‘resting your voice’?  STOP. TALKING.”

Karl laughed and then groaned.  “You know how hard that is for me!  I’d never survive a silent retreat.  That would be torture!”

“Ohmigosh, Karl!  What am I going to do with you?!”

“Take care of me so I get better?” he suggested sheepishly.

“Fine, but stay in bed.”

The patient did as he was told, but he eventually got up for breakfast and was up for a while before his energy gave out.  And it was just in time to watch some football!  So we settled ourselves in front of the TV, and I spent the next several hours cheering on my boys and making sure the invalid had everything he needed.  Karl fell asleep at the beginning of the third quarter of Ohio State’ game and didn’t wake up until the second quarter of the Notre Dame game.  Kathleen, who was also enjoying the game time, and I weren’t as loud as we might normally be, but we were still pretty vocal during the games.  Thankfully, Karl slept right through our commentary.

Even though Karl didn’t plan on getting sick, it was the perfect weekend for it.  He didn’t wake up Sunday morning completely healed, but he felt a little better and was thankfully able to sing at mass.  Karl is still on the mend.  Meanwhile, I think I came down with football fever…


*Of course if we had spent the day at my place, I would have had little projects to work on too.


Obviously this photo is not from this past weekend.  

I know we need to take updated pics, but I decided to wait until Karl is feeling better.

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