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adventures of c&k: where family is concerned

October 4, 2012

Karl and I kept a low profile while we were home for the wedding.  I wanted to be present to my extended family members who were also in town and many of whom I hadn’t seen in YEARS!  My tias (my mom’s sisters) kept reminding me how long it had been.  “Mija,” they would say, “we haven’t seen you since you were this big!”  And they’d show me just how “big”, which was actually quite little.

It was a lot of work for my parents to travel with all six of us when we were young, so we didn’t see Mom’s siblings, who lived out-of-state, very often and whenever Mom did visit her family she usually took the younger kids.  But time gone-by is of little consequence where family is concerned.  We quickly made up for the past years and spent the next couple of days laughing, talking, listening, and just being with each other.  I loved spending time with Mom’s family and introducing them to Karl.

Aren’t they beautiful???

My mom is third from the right.

{photo is missing one sister and the three brothers}


With three of my tias



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