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adventures of c&k: dancing the night away

October 5, 2012

Karl and I both love to dance, so one would assume that we danced all night long at my sister’s wedding reception.  Well, we did… but not with each other.

I started out dancing with my 2-year-old goddaughter Lucia (pronounced Lu-chee-uh).  My arms were ready to give out after a couple of songs, so I had someone get Karl’s attention and I passed her off as soon as he got on the dance floor.  There was no turning back after that.  Lucia would dance with no one but Karl for the rest of the night.  There were a few times he was able to put her down to get a glass of water but she would come running toward him with her arms in the air as soon as she saw Karl near the dance floor.  It really was the cutest thing!  And Karl loved every minute of it!  Sure his arms got tired and whenever we tried to give him a break, Lucia would hold onto him even tighter, but he was having a ball!

Karl managed to disappear for several songs (I found him outside in a very nerdy* conversation with my uncle Keith).  During that time, Lucia was content to twirl by herself, except she wasn’t by herself.  Her grandma (my extremely youthful Aunt Sylvia) and I danced around her to make sure she didn’t get run over by the other dancers.  The poor girl was so tired, but she refused to stop dancing.  And as soon as Karl reappeared from the nerdy conversation, Lucia’s face lit up.  She ran over, her arms in the air, and Karl scooped her up and twirled her around.  Her smile was priceless.

I got a dance in with my grandpa, but for the most part I danced next to Karl as he danced with his new partner.  We did get a couple of dances in after Lucia’s mom took her home.  I was about ready to head out around the same time Lucia retired her dancing shoes (adorable sparkly Toms).  Karl looked at me with a disappointed face and said, “But we didn’t get to dance yet!”

“We would have if you hadn’t been so busy two-timing me with a younger woman!” I teased.

Karl laughed.  “That’s what your Uncle John said!  Come on, babe… just a couple more songs and then we’ll go…”

I relented and we finished out the night dancing together.

Somewhere someone has photos of Karl dancing with Lucia and of the three of us, but I don’t have them.  I’ll update this post with photos as soon as I can locate some.  For now, here’s me and my other dance partner – my handsome grandpa!

Side note: Click here for our ArtPrize adventure.

*Karl’s response to my request for feedback: You love to emphasize “nerdy” but don’t we want to be more specific?  Discussing physics, signal modulation, and wave forms?  How is THAT for nerdy?  lol


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