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adventures of c&k: a tradition begins

October 15, 2012

Temperatures dipped into the thirty’s early Saturday morning.  Thankfully, they had risen by the time Karl and I were ready to join some friends and thousands of Rutgers fans and alumni at High Point Solutions Stadium to cheer the Scarlet Knights on to victory. {Note: Two of our friends, Pete and Claire, were actually there for the opposing team, but they were gracious fans so we didn’t mind associating with them.}

The wind was still brisk when we arrived, but the sun was warm.  Besides, Karl and I had several extra layers of clothing on to protect ourselves from the elements.  Karl was hoping to get a Rutgers t-shirt for me to wear in support of his alma mater, but didn’t get a chance to find one.  I told him not to worry about it because 1. No one would see the shirt under my massive layers, and 2. I am a Buckeye fan and therefore own plenty of scarlet clothing. {Note: I painted my nails silver and wore a gray shirt under the scarlet one so I was still in scarlet & gray.}

We made our way to our seats, stopping along the way to pick up a small snack.  (I know I should have eaten before we left, but Karl and I had gotten up at the break of day to help the family with yard work.  I got carried away spreading wood chips, and jumped in the shower later than planned, which meant I didn’t get a chance to eat anything substantial.)  Karl and I carefully balanced our box of food and drinks after seeing several mishaps from people in front of us.  We did pretty well until I took my hot dog out of its little bag to put some ketchup and mustard on it.  The blasted thing fell right out of the bun, bounced off my shoe and rolled under the counter.  Grrrr…. I looked at Karl in desperation.

“Don’t worry, babe.  We’ll get you another one,” he said graciously.  Karl was fully prepared to stand in line and pay for another hot dog (Isn’t he a sweetheart?!), but I explained the situation when we found ourselves at the register again.  The woman kindly gave me another hot dog when I showed her the empty bun.  We went straight to our seats after that.  I wasn’t going to risk losing another hot dog!

Things got much better from there.  Karl, who hadn’t been to a Rutgers football game in a while, wasted no time finding his school spirit.  I followed the game for the sake of the game.  I love football, and since I can’t watch a game without cheering for one side, I obviously wanted Rutgers to win.  And it was an exciting game to watch!  The offense had a great running game, though their passing game left much to be desired.  But the Rutgers defense dominated with forced and recovered fumbles and interceptions.

Karl’s favorite moment of the day came when I turned to him after another great defensive play and said, “Our defense seems to be completing more passes than the offense!”

“What did you say, babe?” Karl had the hood of his sweatshirt pulled up over his head and sometimes he had trouble hearing me so I repeated myself.

“I said, ‘The defense seems to be completing more passes than the offense.”

Karl looked at me with a sly smile.  “That’s not what you said.”

“Yes it is!”

“No, you said OUR defense!” Karl pointed out gleefully.

“Ugh!  I know!  It was a slip of the tongue!  I’m so used to talking about my teams.”

Karl didn’t care why I said what I had said.  He was just happy that I said it.  And that his team was winning.  And that earlier I told him that we should make it a tradition to go to at least one game every year.  Of course, I said it didn’t have to be a Rutgers game; we could also go to a Notre Dame game or an Ohio State game.  But I have a feeling we may end up going to at least one Rutgers game every year.  I won’t object (so long as we also make it to an ND and/or OSU game here and there).  I love football.  And I loved watching the game with Karl and cheering his team to victory!  I could get used to that…

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