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adventures of c&k: glorious reality

November 15, 2012

I didn’t think I would see Karl last weekend since the trains were still down and gas had become a rare luxury, but I found my way over to his section of Jersey, thanks to my thumb and a miniskirt.  Just kidding!  I didn’t hitchhike, but I did end up in that area courtesy of some generous friends who picked me up in Weehawken and dropped me off on my East Coast family’s doorstep.  So I spent the weekend there: chatting with Kateri, watching football with Mike, and playing with three-year-old Maria.  Karl joined us in the evenings, after spending the day helping the family, who were surviving on the limited power of a generator.

We did spend most of Sunday together, which was nice.  After mass we headed back to his parents’ house because Karl had a few things to take care, like checking the gas level for the generator.  The little project he was working on took longer than he anticipated, but I didn’t mind.  Karl had put a small space heater in the living room, lent me a huge (but warm) sweatshirt, and covered me in a blanket to keep warm while he ran to and fro.  I was quite comfortable reading my book.  Dostoevsky by candlelight?  That’s what hopeless romantics’ dreams are made of!  Only I wasn’t exactly reading by candlelight; I used my cell phone to brighten the book’s pages so I could read them, but it might as well have been candlelight for this romantic!  Of course I wasn’t dreaming.  Nope, I was living my glorious reality, with a good book in hand and a real-live handsome hero who checked on me every now and again to make sure I was comfortable and to give me a kiss before continuing with his work.  With or without power or heat, it was a glorious reality.

I stayed with my EC family until Tuesday, when my driver/friend showed up to whisk me back to Weehawken with just enough time to get ready for my interview.  I was incredibly grateful to my gracious friend who gave me the opportunity to spend the weekend with my family and the love of my life and to enjoy my glorious reality.


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