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cecilia bedelia conquers the cold

January 23, 2013

Cold, shmold!  This week’s temperatures may thwart some people from venturing outside for longer that what is necessary, but not this girl!  I’m from Michigan.  I know how to do cold.  Don’t get me wrong, Reader.  I don’t like the cold at all – I actually hate being the slightest bit chilly – but I can handle myself when the temperature falls.  I’m not afraid of pittily single digit temperatures, especially when those temps are only “feels like” temperatures.

It’s called layering.  Reader, I have on so many layers right now, it’s ridiculous!  I admit that no amount of layering will keep me warm when walking outside in frigid weather, but I am certainly not freezing.  At least, I’m not as cold as those I see walking around who are dressed for 40 degree weather.  They look at me like I’m crazy wearing winter boots, wool socks, tights, leggings, legwarmers, two sweaters, a down parka, scarf wrapped around my face, and a wool hat.  But I’m not the one losing sensation in my extremities, due to lack of coverage, and cursing the damn weather.  It’s not the weather’s fault you are cold when you don’t dress appropriately.  (Oh God help me!  I sound like my dad!)

I have to admit I get a strange satisfaction in conquering cold weather.  It’s not enough satisfaction to make me want to go winter camping or anything, like some crazy Michiganders I know (*cough* Dad! *cough*); I just enjoy knowing that even if the temperature plummets, it’s not taking me down with it!  My victory over the weather warms my heart from the inside out, and keeps me extra warm under all the layers.

Make sure you bundle up, Reader.  We have a few more cold days ahead!



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