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adventures of c&k: my champion

February 14, 2013

“Everyone needs a champion in their life,” I remember Fr. Geno saying in a homily well over a year ago.  “Someone who helps you see beyond the ordinary; someone who helps you recognize the extra-ordinary of heaven in daily life.”  I’ve reflected on this from time to time since then.

A champion, I came to realize, was different than my ordinary hero-of-the-day.  I also realized that throughout my life several people have championed for me, inspiring me to a profound awareness of the glory of God.  Of course for the past year and a half, Karl has mainly filled the roll of champion.

Let me tell you, Reader, Karl is the greatest of champions!  He is always ready and willing to help me see beyond the ordinary.  Whenever I lose sight of what is important or get caught up in the details or am feeling low, anxious, or glum, Karl rallies to my side.  He listens to my woes and frustrations with patience, kindness, and encouragement, even when I get a little dramatic and even when he doesn’t understand what it is that is distressing me.  I don’t know how that man does it, but he somehow manages to help me embrace the moment while challenging me to recognize its (very small) place in eternity.

My life is and will continue to be blessed with many champions who inspire a recognition of God’s beauty, but I am especially grateful for the one who has chosen to be my Champion of Champions.


Karl, thank you for the many ways you reveal God’s love in the ordinary of our daily lives, for challenging me to do the same, and for always inspiring me to focus on the important things in life, like beating you in thumb wars.  Thank you for being my champion.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. February 14, 2013 1:39 pm

    I am the luckiest man in the world! Thank you Cecilia for being MY champion! I am so excited to continue our life journey together and soon become more one as husband and wife!


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