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an owner’s manual for the vehicle of faith

February 26, 2013

One of the initial conversations Karl and I had that sparked his interest in me was about cars.  We were driving, of course.  I was sharing with him some of my observations about tail light designs.  Karl loves cars, and he was rather impressed with my appreciation of a good vehicle design.  The rest is history.

Needless to say, my interest was peaked when I saw the title of Pat Archbold‘s latest log post at the National Catholic Register which asks the question What if the Church was a Car Company?.  In all his cleverness, Mr. Archbold, of Creative Minority Report fame, wrote a glossary of terms for the owner’s manual of the Catholic Church.  It was too good not to share, especially because I know how much Karl will appreciate it.   So this re-post is dedicated to my beloved fiance.

With the Catholic Church so much in the news these days, we have a real opportunity to explain the Church to those unfamiliar.  Problem is, most people don’t have a frame of reference for understanding the Church.  But I think I can solve that problem. I have developed this handy guide to explain Catholic terms to non-Catholics in with a frame of reference that everyone can understand.

Think of the Church as a Car Company.  Here is a glossary of common terms.

Confession: The repair department. For the measly price of a few ‘Our Fathers’, ‘Haily Marys’, and repentance you can have your car returned to factory condition.

Click here for the rest of the amusing glossary of terms.


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