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cec in the city – episode 17

March 15, 2013

I wore my zebra print rain boots Tuesday, but what I really needed was a pair of hip waders.   The rain wasn’t so bad that morning (though it worsened during the day), but the wind was no joke!  It blew the rain on a angle, rendering my umbrella and super cute rain boots useless.  Sure, the boots kept my feet nice and dry, but they did nothing for the rest of my legs.  I sought shelter from the elements in the dry tunnels of the subway rather than arrive soaked to the skin after my usual one mile trek to the office.

I could tell by the relativity empty platform that I had just missed an E train.  I dang-blasted my poor timing and shifted my weight impatiently.  Down the way, I heard a voice ring out above the typical hum of ambient subway station noise.  “I can see clearly now the rain is gone,” a man sang.  “I can see all obstacles in my way…”  Rather ironic on such a grotesque cloudy morning, I thought.

Ironic though it was, the song was quite appropriate for me that overcast Tuesday morning.  Light had finally broken through the dark clouds of my life the night before, and I awoke with a renewed sense of hope.  It was a perfect song with which to start my day.  Standing on the platform waiting for the next train, I savored the wonderful New York City moment when my life aligned with the soundtrack of the city.  I may have grumbled that the next train was running late and the rain lasted most of the day, but that didn’t matter.  It was still a bright sunshiny day in my book!

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