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adventures of c&k: eastertide

April 7, 2013

Karl and I are still recovering from the liturgical marathon that is the Triduum, but all the exhaustion was worth it!  The darkness of Lent has given way to an insurmountable joy in the Resurrection.  And… (as if the Resurrection wasn’t enough) our friend Lindsey entered the Church at the Easter Vigil!!!!!!

Karl and I did our best to be present to each liturgy and not jump ahead of ourselves in our anticipation for Easter.  All of the masses and services we attended were beautiful and moving.  Fr. Paul and Fr. Derek gave riveting homilies on Holy Thursday and Good Friday.  (I wasn’t at St. Paul’s on Friday, but Karl told me all about Fr. Derek’s homily and even the secondhand version was good!)  And the music at every liturgy was outstanding, thanks to the handsomest choir director ever and the dedicated choir members.

When it was finally time for the Easter Vigil, we were all but exploding with excitement and joy.  Lindsey was especially excited.  He was positively glowing all through mass, even before Fr. Paul anointed him with Chrism during Confirmation.  It was beautiful to witness Lindsey being fully received into the Catholic Church and receive the sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion, along with the four other catechumens and candidates.

We were back in the pews on Easter Sunday morning, after going out to celebrate with the new Catholics the night before.  The Easter Vigil is my favorite mass of the entire year, but I also enjoy Easter Sunday morning mass.  After the excitement and thrill of the vigil, it’s an opportunity for me to simply breathe in the mystery of the Resurrection.  And to sing more songs with ‘alleluia’ in the lyrics.  I especially enjoyed that the handsomest choir director ever made sure that ever song sung on Easter Sunday morning had ‘alleluia’ in it.  (Nice job, handsomest choir director ever!)

Between the long (and beautiful) liturgies and the celebrations with family and friends, there was not much to be had by way of sleep.  The Resurrection celebrations have continued through the octave of Easter, so sleep recovery has been slow. But it was worth it!  It was worth it.

Happy Easter!


Fr. Paul confirms Lindsey



The Sponsor and the Confirmed


photoMe with the handsomest choir director ever on Easter Sunday morning.


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  1. Melodee permalink
    April 8, 2013 3:55 pm

    Congrats to Lindsey! Isn’t it wonderful?!

    I just celebrated my first year in the church yesterday…one of the nicest friends and mothers (yours) was at my baptism/confirmation. ;-)

    I cannot wait to celebrate with you all at Charles’ ordination in less than 2 months!

    Happy Easter…Alleluia!

  2. April 8, 2013 4:37 pm

    Post Your Comments On It.


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