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order of presbyter

April 12, 2013

In case you missed the mention on my other blog today, my brother Charles posted the following message on Facebook yesterday:

I got a letter in the mail from Bishop Hurley today. My bishop has officially called me to the Order of Presbyter. June 1, here I come!! I’m gonna be a priest!

Eek!  This is really happening!  My brother’s gonna be a priest!  It’s a little mind-boggling… But it’s a good thing since he is scheduled to officiate our wedding in August.  Here is Rosario’s response which is pretty much the same as mine:  

Wow… it’s official! It’s all so surreal… I’ll be freakin out a bit, but can you blame me???? My punk lil brother is gonna become In persona Christi… What?!?!?!?

Seriously, I am so excited for Charles and the other deacons who will be ordained with him.  Please keep them in prayer as they continue to prepare for ordination.


After his ordination to the diaconate.



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