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adventures of c&k: wedding news

April 26, 2013

Blogger that I am, one would assume I would be all over the latest fad of creating a wedding website, with a wedding party who’s who and helpful information for out-of-town guests and a list highlighting our incredibly talented vendors and a blog with the bride’s latest rants thoughts on the planning process and progress.  But if one assumed that, one would be wrong.  Sort of.  I think a wedding website would be great, but I’m not “all over it”.  I actually started putting something together, but haven’t followed through with it.  There are many other details that have required my attention and the website fell by the wayside.  I actually refrained from posting amusing wedding planning adventures with the thought of “saving” them for the wedding blog, but then I realized I don’t have to deprive my faithful readers of wedding-related posts when I already have this blog!

Surprisingly, there are still a few major-ish details that have yet to be locked down.  As you can imagine with only 127 days until the BIG DAY, I’m ever-so-slightly anxious.  I know said details are being worked out as I type, but a little concern is only natural.  I am not however concerned about the actual getting married part.  Karl and I conquered two marriage prep courses last weekend, and though neither of us would say we know exactly what we are in for, we are certainly more prepared and excited than we were last week.

We attended God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage on Saturday and Pre-Cana on Sunday.  Next year the Diocese of Paterson will require engaged couples to complete both programs.  Currently only Pre-Cana is required.  But what can I say?  Karl and I are overachievers.  Not really.   A friend of ours is the Director of the Office of Family Life for the diocese and highly recommended we attend God’s Plan for a Joy-Filled Marriage.  So highly in fact, that it was her (and her husband’s) wedding gift to us.  And it just so ended up that both were scheduled in the same weekend.

It was a heck of a lot of info to ingest in the span of two days, but it was good.  God’s Plan covered the basics of the sacrament itself and Pre-Cana worked through the practical aspects of married life.  So we might not be on target with our wedding plans, but we have most of the important stuff taken care as far as marriage plans.  Besides, as we were reminded this weekend, all we really need in 127 days is a priest (or deacon) and two witnesses.  Everything else is a bonus.  As long as we show up and our priest is there along with the best men and maid & matron of honor, we’ll be good to go!  (Someone, please remind me of that every so often during the next 127 days… but only if I’m panicking about frivolous stuff…)


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