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first priestly blessings

June 4, 2013

There were so many beautiful moments during Fr. Charles’ ordination and later at his first mass, and it would be difficult to narrow them down to a top five of favorite moments.  But I have enjoyed the flurry of photographs posted on Facebook of family and friends receiving the traditional “First Priestly Blessing”.

mom-dad-blessing (1)

Mom & Dad


ang-blessing (1)



rosario-blessing (1)



977364_10201215579249955_730325271_o (1)

Me & Karl


br-paul-blessing (1)

Br. Paul (cousin/Benedictine monk)








This last one is my favorite.

Probably because my goddaughter is looking especially sweet and pious with her hands folded as she looks up at my brother, the priest.

These are a small sampling of the photos that were taken of First Priestly Blessings, and there were many blessings given and many photos taken that day.  Stay tuned for more…

(all photos courtesy of Facebook)


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