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cecilia bedelia gets samrt

June 14, 2013

Well, technically I was/am already smart (bordering genius levels when wearing my ultra intelligent looking glasses), but I’m referring to my new phone.  My beloved dumb phone had been on the fritz for a few months.  I stubbornly resisted Karl’s suggestions of upgrading until I had no excuses left.  Karl and I had discussed potentially combining our two plans into one, but I was already on a shared plan with Fr. Charles, which allowed me to drag my feet a little.  Except Fr. Charles received a new phone for his birthday and took the opportunity to move into his own plan.  No more excuses.  I gave in.

I said farewell to my cell phone provider of twelve years and Karl added me to his plan.  And that of course, meant a new phone.  And I told myself that if I was going to get a new phone, I might as well upgrade… to an iPhone.  Honestly the only reason I did was because the iPhone 4 was free with a new phone line, otherwise I would have gone with whatever option was least expensive.  So… now I have a smartphone….

It’s been an adjustment of sorts… I miss my old trusty phone.  That thing could slip out of my clumsy fingers countless times, the back would pop off along and the battery would fall out , but I could always put her back together again.  Karl and I opted for the heavy-duty case, which promises it’s shatter-proof, rain-proof, snow-proof and dirt-proof.  We’re praying that means it’s Cecilia-proof too…

My last phone was much simpler in some ways, but this complicated one is pretty darn handy.  I’m totally in love with the reminder app.  I have been so incredibly productive this week because of it!  I still have my old fashioned notebook in my purse for my major to-do lists, but the little reminders that pop up are fantastic!  Oh and the camera?  I love that too!  I’m not fully acclimated to the new phone, but I’m getting there…

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  1. June 14, 2013 11:05 pm

    I still use my old school flip phone and resisting getting another…like you I am quite clumsy and this phone has taken a beating! I am wanting to upgrade because I would love to have some apps!

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