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adventures of c&k: wedding planning

June 19, 2013

I recently read an article in the June/July issue of Verily Magazine written by an engaged woman who has chosen to refrain from reading bridal magazines while planning her wedding.  I totally understood where she was coming from, as I too am staying as far away from bridal magazines as possible, although I didn’t make the conscious resolve the author did.  I’m staying away from them because it is too easy to get swept up in the latest must-haves and can’t-get-married-withouts and your-wedding-is-doomed-if-you-don’ts that fill their pages.  I already have enough to worry about trying to plan a simple wedding; I don’t need the added pressure of the wedding industry’s idea of the perfect wedding.  Karl and I know what we want for our wedding, and we know what we don’t want.  And that is complicated enough.

How so, you ask?  Well for one thing, we want a simple, small-ish wedding.  That is all but impossible with extended families as large as ours (and I really mean mine).  We have gone over the guest list countless times.  And each time I sigh… We can only invite a small sampling of friends from our various circles, which means a large number of friends didn’t make the list.  And I had to limit my own family invites to aunts, uncles, and some first cousins, even though I’m extremely close with many of my second and third cousins.  I can’t stand leaving people out especially family, but we have to.  As it is our limit is 200 guests (I know, I know… that is anything but small!).  But we could easily reach 500+ if we invited everyone, so in reality… that is small-ish.

For another thing, I know things aren’t going to go as smoothly as I want them to, no matter how much I plan ahead.  I’m trying to be detached from certain expectations, but I’m still doing everything in my power to eliminate hiccups and surprises (we all know how I am with surprises… ugh!).

We have so many little details to work out, but things are coming together.  We’ve been (mostly) peaceful and extremely blessed throughout our wedding planning and preparation.  Most of that is due to prayer, but I do believe part of that is due to the self-imposed bridal magazine ban.  And a smidge of peacefulness is due to the fantastic sugar cookies my friend made.  You know… a spoonful of sugar (cookies) and all of that…

2013-06-15 16.48.48


2013-06-16 15.56.25These certainly helped when it came to addressing envelopes!

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  1. Melodee permalink
    June 19, 2013 4:33 pm

    Those cookies are adorable!!
    Hang in there…it will all be over before you know it…
    Then all that’s left is the happily ever after! :)


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