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adventures of c&k: what’s in a name?

June 20, 2013

For all my desires to keep our wedding small-ish, it just hasn’t worked out.  For example, we have a freakishly HUGE wedding party!  Thirteen bridesmaids and twelve groomsmen.  Cah-razy!  But what can I say?  Karl and I both have large families, and we are blessed with many close friends.

Here’s a fun fact about our wedding: Between our immediate family members, the wedding party and their significant others, there will be 2 Cecilias, 2 Amandas, 3 Johns/Jons*, 3 Karl/Charles,  3 Lindsey/Lindsays, 4 Joseph/Josephines, and 5 Michaels.

That will make for an interesting day… I guess that’s what we get for having such a large wedding party!


2013-06-15 12.31.44

Taking a moment out of wedding planning for a little picnic.


*Extra fun fact about the John/Jons: Of the three, two are John Jacob!

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  1. Michael Schwartz permalink
    June 22, 2013 3:31 pm

    But only one Felipa!

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