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adventures of c&k: language of love

June 25, 2013

“I’m so glad you speak my love language, babe,” Karl said the other day.  We had been talking about love languages earlier in the day, but his comment still caught me off guard since he had just been talking about something completely unrelated.

“Which one?” I asked smiling.

Karl’s eyes gleamed. “Space.  The final frontier….”

“I don’t speak that language!” I cried.

Karl just looked at me.

“Ok… maybe a little…” I grudgingly admitted.

He grinned and hugged me.  “These are the voyages of the Starship….”

“Ugh… That’s enough love for now.”  I squirmed out of his arms.  “And that’s not even a love language!”

“It is to me!”

I decided to let that one go… sometimes there’s nothing to be gained from arguing with a Trekkie.  It’s a good thing I love that man, nerdiness and all!

2013-06-21 23.05.31 (1)

Don’t let the suit and tie fool you; underneath is the handsomest, most lovable Trekkie!


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