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adventures of c&k: the mini-moon

October 16, 2013

Karl won a free honeymoon cruise last February, but we didn’t want to go right after the wedding (I’m a little iffy on the cruise thing as it is… I wasn’t about to do during hurricane season!).  We decided to postpone the cruise for a few months and take a low-key mini-moon to recuperate after the Big Day.  Our destination was a lovely bed & breakfast in Rhode Island, where we enjoyed our first days of married life.

Our mini-moon adventures took us all around the Ocean state, well the southeastern portion at least.  The B&B, Edgewood Manor, is just south of Providence.  We found our way down to Jamestown and Beaver Tail Light House, wandered through a mansion in Newport, sampled delicious wine at a vineyard in Little Compton (during a torrential downpour), and took a boat tour which featured ten lighthouses in Narragansett Bay (NOT during a torrential downpour!) (Fun fact: The tour guide on the boat tour asked if anyone knew which lower 48 state has the most lighthouses.  I knew the answer of course: Michigan!).

We did our best to relax.  We had no schedule, no set plans, no desire to make the most use of our time other than to be.  We needed the recovery time after such an intensely beautiful wedding.  It was a perfect mini-moon!

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