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adventures of c&k: our first christmas tree

December 17, 2013

Last weekend, Karl and I joined my East Coast family to search for the perfect Christmas trees. It was a cold, cold day at the tree farm, but we trudged up the hill to the fraser fir section. Thankfully, I spotted the most glorious tree almost immediately. Kateri and Mike took their kids further down the lane to find their tree. I guarded ours until Karl agreed that it was “the one”. He started to cut it down while I followed after our friends to assist them with my well-trained eye. They were already standing by their perfect tree, awaiting my photography skills rather than my Christmas tree picking skills. I snapped a few photos of them and then headed back to help my husband with the chopping. The tree was already down by the time I got back.  I chided Karl for not waiting for me to yell “timber”, but according to him the tree just wouldn’t wait for me. (Ha! Likely excuse!)

We finally got our tree up this weekend, but have yet to decorate it. We have lights (Don’t even get me started on our on-going debate of colored lights vs. white lights, even though I agreed that we would alternate every other year! Some compromises are tough to swallow.) and about four ornaments that will adorn our tree until we return from Michigan with my huge box of Christmas decorations. At least our tree will be (somewhat) pretty for the official Christmas season. (And by somewhat pretty I mean this is the year our tree will have colored lights, obviously Karl’s preference not mine.)  Then again… our tree looks pretty darn good as is.  Maybe we should just enjoy it as is and put the Christmas lights debate to rest.

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Karl wanted me to point out the look on my face when guarding the tree:

“Don’t even think about it! This one’s taken!”


IMG_0333 (1)


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