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cec in the city – episode 19

January 7, 2014

The episode in which I conquer the cold Michigan style!

This polar vortex thing made its way to the East Coast overnight, and while some parts of the country are suffering significantly lower temps than New York City, it’s still pretty darn cold here too. I pulled out all the stops this morning to make sure I stayed warm on my trek through the city streets.

I wore a pair of tights under a pair of thermal-lined tights (courtesy of my awesome cousin, Kayte!) under thick black pants. A pair of SmartWool socks and winter boots finished the lower half. The top half was covered by a camisole under a long-sleeved shirt under a warm sweater under LARGE wool sweater. Of course, I donned my down coat, along with a thick scarf wrapped around my face and neck. Everything was topped off with a stylish and warm wooley hat that once belonged to my Great-Aunt Agnes. The hat was under the hood of my down coat, and I also wore mittens over my gloves.

This Michigan girl knows how to layer!

My legs were still a bit cold. I had planned on wearing leg warmers over my pants, except I forgot to put them on! But I walked as fast as my layered legs could move and was rather impressed with the results. I wasn’t toasty warm, but I wasn’t frigid either. I thought the mile walk from Port Authority to 48th and Park would be much worse. I’m not saying I enjoyed the 4 degree weather with a feels like temp of -12, but it wasn’t too bad.

Me – 1

Cold – 0

Cold weather conquered with 562 layers!

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  1. January 7, 2014 4:04 pm

    You should see what’s happening in South Carolina. Total bloodbath. To wit:

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