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adventures of c&k: opposites attract

February 4, 2014

This story is from a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still laughing over it.

Karl had a meeting in the city on the same night as my ballet class. We arranged to meet up after class so we could go home together. As we were walking down 8th Avenue toward Penn Station, we swapped stories about our days. Karl told me about his invigorating meetings, and I told him about my first dance class in fourteen weeks.

As I was giving him a summary, Karl interjected and asked if my ballet teacher was happy to see me again.

I gave him the look. “Obviously you haven’t been listening to me because I just told you that she was glad to see me.” I continued telling him about the class. “It was unusually hot in the studio, but I had my water bottle and I stayed hydrated so I was fine.” I paused for a few moments and then asked Karl what I had just said to make sure he was listening.

“You said it was hot in the studio; you didn’t have water; you got dehydrated; life is fine…?”

I laughed. “Karl! That’s basically the opposite of what I said, except for the part about the studio being hot!”

“I thought it was strange that you said you were dehydrated and then life is fine… It didn’t really make any sense.”

“But you didn’t ask me to clarify which makes me think you weren’t really listening to everything I said… you only picked out key words.”

“I’m sorry, babe…”

I sighed. “I forgive you, but let’s try to work on this whole listening thing.”

In Karl’s defense, we were walking on a very busy street: there were a lot of distractions and even more ambient noises. Still, it was rather hilarious that he heard the opposite of what I had said.


C to K: Are you paying attention to what I am actually saying?

K to C: What was that, babe?


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  1. blackstargroup permalink
    February 4, 2014 1:40 pm

    Great post babe!!!! Love the caption on the picture!

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