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complaining about complainers

February 6, 2014

Try as I might not to complain, I gripped to my sister on the phone today about how annoyed I get when people constantly complain about the weather. “I just wish they’d get over it,” I told her. “Don’t they realize there are plenty of other people who have it worse? Some people are never happy no matter what the weather is! Two of my co-workers were complaining about the cold and snow this morning and one of them said ‘Well, in a few months we’ll be complaining about the heat and humidity.’ You won’t hear me complain  about the cold and snow,” I informed Rosario, “because in a few months – Praise you, Jesus! – we’ll have heat and humidity!” 

Aside: I admit that this winter has been extra wintery on the East Coast, and they aren’t used to it the way this ol’ Michigander is. But we don’t have it as bad as other places, like… Michigan! It has been a very interesting winter for me as I’ve never had to deal with the snow and cold while being pregnant, but I’m still not complaining because 1. I know plenty of pregnant women in Michigan who are dealing with more snow and colder temperatures and 2. I enjoy a challenge, even if said challenge is exhausting!


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  1. February 20, 2014 9:49 am

    Hi Cecilia… I think it is called positive patience and acceptance. Nice spin! Thanks.


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