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help a sister help a brother out!

February 25, 2014

I love my brother Fr. Charles and am willing to do whatever I can to help the guy out. So when I heard he was helping raise money for the Newman Center at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, MI where he is assigned, I wanted to offer my financial assistance. It’s for a good cause: the money goes toward a mission trip, retreats, and continued campus ministry. I am asking you to consider donating as well, because well… there is added incentive: Fr. Charles promised to shave his beard if $3000 can be raised by Saturday. I don’t mind a well-trimmed beard on my usually handsome brother (see Exhibit A), but the current state of his facial hair is too much (see Exhibit B). Donate here (click on Quick Give)

Exhibit A = Acceptable


Exhibit B = Yikes!


Please help a sister help a brother out! Donate to the Newman Center at Ferris State, thus helping my brother and the Catholic students there, and please do so before Saturday, March 1st, thus helping me because that craziness on the Padre’s face needs to go.

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