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the muffin chronicles: prologue – week 27

March 14, 2014

The baby is 27 weeks + 2 days and is already a bit spoiled. Last night, Muffin was treated to a personal violin concert. Granted, the concert was given by Karl, but still! This week, the baby has decided that 2AM is the perfect time to practice gymnastics and/or ballet, making it very difficult for me to get any sleep after 2AM. Karl had a long talk with Muffin yesterday about how 2AM is not acceptable for that type of stuff, so he made a deal with the baby: He would play the violin at 9PM for Muffin’s gymnastics/ballet practice so Muffin could let Mama get some sleep at 2AM. Well, the baby wasn’t as active as we hoped during the concert, with the most activity happening during the couple of Frank Sinatra songs Karl played, but I think it worked because I was able to sleep until 3AM. Hurray for Karl’s concert!!

We had our monthly check-up on Monday, and the doctor said everything looks great. I’ve been having some issues with my blood sugar dropping suddenly after my mile trek to work, causing light-headedness and dizziness, but with the doc’s help, I think we’ve worked out a solution. Basically, he told me to slow down and to eat something sugary when I was close to work. The eating something sugary part isn’t so difficult. While I still wouldn’t call it a craving, I can’t seem to get enough fresh fruits these days. I’ve been on a pear kick this week, and that worked quite well for a little something sugary. The most difficult thing to implement has been slowing down. I usually walk at a decent NYC pace, which isn’t quite running but is a solid power walk. It is painful to walk slower. I’m usually on the phone with Karl as I walk to work, and the poor guy has to put up with hearing me say every few minutes “Oh dammit! I started speeding up again!”. I don’t know if slowing down is harder physically or mentally, but either way, it is not easy! Overall, the doctor’s advice has helped. As did Muffin’s concert last night. I don’t think I will get used to walking slower, but I could definitely get used to nightly concerts! I guess Muffin isn’t the only one who is being spoiled by Karl.


Week 27

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