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an explanation, not an excuse

September 29, 2011

Perhaps it has escaped your notice, Reader, but I’ve noticed that there has been a serious lack of serious posts around here recently.  Fear not for this lowly blogger, it is not for a lack of spiritual and faith-related life lessons.  In fact, my life has been overrun with profound insights and revelations.  I normally don’t mind sharing my business with the world wide web, but some experiences are not meant for the masses.  So I’ve taken my cue from the Blessed Mother and am “pondering these things in my heart” (ref. Luke 2:51).

Besides, I haven’t really had the time necessary to proccess all that I’ve learned in order to write about it.  Between working full time, rehearsing four times a week, and practicing steps and choreography on off days, it’s hard just trying to keep up with the practical things in life, like laundry and grocery shopping and making my bed.  I’m sure there will be some dynamic life lesson that I’ll be able to share soon enough…

But until then…  It’s time to get back to “pondering these things in my heart.”

icon credit: Monastery Icons Blog

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